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You may have searched from google ways to make money online and clicked on a site only to find out there are too many ways the writer had been talking about and you feel you can’t do any of them you clicked out,find another site you appear to find almost the same piece of information in a really long way that makes you feel awkward because you don’t even know what to choose from and you feel you can’t make money online.

Do not worry at all even the writer is not sure very sure about what he wrote.He’s just trying to stuff his website with information as much as possible which is good for him but not for you.

Nevermind my friend I’m going to show the surefire ways to earn income online even if you think you can’t.Now let’s get started.


Depending on the type of income you want to earn and your skill i’m going to show the ways you can earn income online starting from the lowest upwards.

  1. Mechanical turk:

mechanical turk is a website run by amazon,you can make very little income with this but trust me it adds will be asked to join signing up and participate in tasks known as HITS.Each and every tasks is different from the other it ranges from doing simple translations from one language to another to detecting if a profile contains spam or transcribing information from audio recording or identifying the brands featured in a banner ad and so on.Just simple simple tasks for a few bucks.depending on the tasks income ranges from $0.01 to $0.9.this is really small but it adds up to something tangible along the line.if you are interested you can join here. survey:

participating in online survey is rather a common way to earn income involves signing up to online survey sites such as inboxdollars or swagbucks and participating in different surveys i.e answering simple questions on a particular product or topic  or watching a video,get paid to shop online or search the web and at the end earning an income as a’s as simple as that.Anyone can do this.however the reward are often small depending the tasks can earn from $0.1-$1.o normally per survey in cash rewards but often times there are deals which you can earn like $5-$50 at once and also you do get gift cards which are worth $5-$25 for free when you are the rewards varies depending on what you do and this is slightly better than what mechanical turk can offer.But they work in a similar manner actually.

if you want to earn with online surveys click inboxdollars or swagbucks now.or do both.You don’t have to waste time making decision on which one to do.there are so many survey sites out there,but to avoid clumsiness and problem deciding what to choose is why i listed the above can make more search on your own or join inbox dollars or swagbucks or the two. business:

online business,my friend is just like any other business in the sense that you offer value for a price which is your reward.well, a business is much more better in the sense that you have the exposure to large number of crowd who are interested in obtaining value from you compared to real world business which you are bounded by geological barriers and serve a certain number of people at a time around your area of geological presence, with online business you don’t have to be physically present everything works with the internet.i think you understand what i’m saying?now how do you set up a business online?

For you to have a successful online business,first of all,you should have all this things:

  • A website: A website,like the one you are currently on is what gives you an online presence for you to be able to offer your value and showcase your products and services to the world.if you don’t know before,these days you don’t have to be a programmer before you can have your own personal website and design it to your taste after all the  primary hardwork has been done for you.why? because there are so many services out there that build website for people.If you want to build your website now click here.
  • Mentor: mentor can be one or two people ranging from your friend who might already have known physically and operates an online business to let’s say a blogger who you follow on social media  who you don’t know physically but can give you tips,advises,training by which you can use to be successful with your online business.
  •  Community:As we all know,a community is a group of people who have something in common such as norms,values,identities etc.For you to be successful online you can’t be a lone wolf you have to connect with other people who have online business like you so you can come together and come up with new ideas related to the growth of your businesses or solve a problems faster and much more.
  • Self Interest: self interest? yeah.self interest.and i really mean have to have to have a deep sense of interest in the online business that you are involved with.Because without that you’t won’t be able to persevere when you are faced with tough challenges along the process.and believe me perseverance is the key to success in all endeavours.It’s the one talked about in the book “Think and grow rich” by napoleon hill if you have read the book.So,for you to be successful with your online business,you don’t just do it because of the money,you need to develop a deep sense of interest.

Now that you know the basic requirements to earn income by having an online business,you should know what business to do to earn the income.There are basically two means to create a business online:

1. sell/promote your own product or services: You can income online by selling/promoting product or services that are created by you.Example selling/promoting product is let’s say you are an artist and you draw paintings or a graphic designer and make beautiful graphics you can advertise these on your website and sell these to people who are interested in buying paintings or graphics online.Example of services you can render online is coaching and training,technical services,Etc. 

For you to able to earn income by sell/promote your own products/services,you must be an expert in what field[niche] which you are and must be unique in some manners to stand out from others

2.sell/promote other people’s product or services: You can also have an online business by selling and promoting other people’s product or services,here,you don’t have to be an only have to choose what types of products/services you want to promote,you have to promote product or services that are within the field[niche you choose] otherwise your website will not have a common general sense and will look clumsy.For example,if your niche is about Dogs,you can sell/promote  products of dog foods,clothing, accessories,health Etc.but you can’t go ahead and add how to trade binary options or beautiful wedding gowns for can see how far it is from Dogs niche.I think you have gotten it now.

Now that you have known a little bit about earning income with online should act on it and not just consume the information only.

  If you really want to earn income online with online business.I recommend you join wealthy affiliate.It’s all you need to learn how to be successful with online business.If you want to know more about it,i have a separate page for it’s review here.  I am also a member and have learnt so many things from there.

Join now,you will thank me later.Join here.

If you any comments or questions,please use the box provided below.

10 thoughts on “Work and Earn Income Online”

  1. Hey…great site!
    You really packed a lot of interesting and informative points into one post…powerful!
    I particularly appreciated your mention of self interest and mentoring. A lot of folks get sucked into programs where they are doing what someone else likes to do, rather than something that really interests them. So, it is no surprise they don’t stick with it long enough to make it go.
    You very wisely point out that success requires us to be really interested in the business we have chosen to be in.
    Also, it is important that we not attempt this without help. No one really succeeds alone…we all need mentoring at least with some aspects of having an online business. Thanks for taking the time to put this together and make some recommendations based on your personal knowledge and experience.
    Looking forward to more informative articles here at Work and Earn Income Online…best wishes with your journey here online!


    1. hi cris,
      Thank you very much for the thoughtful comment.I believe there are folks out there who truly want to start and get something going,but couldn’t find information in a way that is useful and easily applicable for them.that’s why workandearnincomeonline is born.looking forward to serving you better.
      Thanks again for the comment.


  2. Hello Buny, what a wonderful way to help others learn how to make money online. I too have searched and searched with so many options, your mind gets confused. You have described the best ways to make some extra money. I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate also, have been for over a year. It is the best place to learn how to set up your own business and REALLY make money. I have three main websites that supplement my retirement income. Honestly the more you work the more you will earn. With Wealthy Affiliate you will learn all the ways to make money with a website and you can join for FREE. Great post, you have described these programs well!
    Wishing you much success!


    1. hi linda,thank you very much for the comment linda.
      wealthyaffiiate is really the best of the best that’s why i made a page entirely for it to make it accessible to everyone at all time.


  3. I couldn’t agree with you more Buny, when you say that survey/task based website are certainly not scam, particularly the ones you recommend, but they are never going to earn any more than pocket money. As an affiliate marketer myself, I think you are right when you propose this line of online business for a realistic income. And I have been there myself, and tried so many different avenues, but where I managed to establish my business is through Wealthy Affiliate. So, thank you very much for giving what I think is sound advice to all novices out there!!


  4. I couldn’t agree with you more Buny, when you say that survey/task based website are certainly not scam, particularly the ones you recommend, but they are never going to earn any more than pocket money. As an affiliate marketer myself, I think you are right when you propose this line of online business for a realistic income. And I have been there myself, and tried so many different avenues, but where I managed to establish my business is through Wealthy Affiliate. So, thank you very much for giving what I think is sound advice to all novices out there!!


    1. Hi giulia,
      Thank you for your comment.i know that most people when the are just starting to try earning income online,they like to start small and grow gradually,i know because I’ve been in there people who do not want to start online business yet can take survey to start earning something.


  5. Hello, thank you for this informative site. Looking forward to eating more from you in future. I’ll definitely be looking into some of the stuff that you’ve mentioned, especially things that I hadn’t thought of before.

    Thanks again.


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