How to Fix Writer’s Block and Write A Truly Great Content

keyboard-909156_1920.jpgHave you ever wondered why it seems so difficult to continue to write that book you have always wanted to write or write that great content on your website? you might think it is hard to write because you haven’t done enough research on your topic and you continue to make more research upon research and get to the point of writing still not able to write. Guess what?  It’s not happening to you only.

The condition you are facing is called writer’s block. A condition that is faced by many great writers but who have only become great after they overcome theirs’.  Now I will show you how you can fix your writers block and churn out great content.

  • Have enough Information:  You can actually get blocked if4 you haven’t made your research before sitting down to write because the information in the first place is not there,But it doesn’t mean also that if you have gathered enough information you can’t have writer’s block as well.  You make sure you’ve gathered enough information about what you wanted to write. I don’t mean you should memorize every bit of what you gathered.what I simply mean is that you should have enough information about it and if you were asked a question or two on the topic you would be able to give satisfactory answer.
  • Use the friend-advice technique: Now that you already have at least some Information about what you wanted to write.  Go to your website dashboard or if you are writing on a piece of paper bring out your and paper and do this:

At the point that you want to start writing,Imagine one of those times whereby you are sitting with your best friend relaxing at some place,maybe your house and he/she asks for an advice or a solution to a pain point problem from you. Assuming the problem is what you have gathered information about. How are your going to answer him/her.

Now start writing…just start simply…write the same way  you would bfriend advicing friende talking to your best friend, you continue writing until you are satisfied with the answer which you gave your best friend,you know talking to your best friend,you would show real sympathy,really want to solve the problem with your advice and make it simple as much as possible so he can quickly grasp it,you wouldn’t want to appear like you are lecturing him/her…

Using this technique will not only help you to overcome your writer’s block but also write out a truly great quality content that converts or book which delivers and also,It is going to help you discover your true voice.

Never lose the focus that you are talking to your best friend so you won’t go off rail.

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