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For you to have a successful online business you must have a website,now i am show what having a website entails:

A website is just your online space where you showcase your products/services to the world.It entails two part:

  1.  Domain name: A website domain is simply the name which you give to your website instead of an Ip address.There should be a relationship between your domain and your content(products/services).for example it will be weird to name your website and your content is about flowers.Lols,you can see it’s far from it. hope you get it now.                            If you don’t have a name yet,find one now before moving forward,any name is okay.but you have to check if the name(domain) is available or has been taken by another person.If so,just look for another name.okay then.
  2. Webhost: The webhost is your online space,a place where your website can stay.You can compare it to buying a piece of land in the real world where you would like to build your company(Website)The name you will give that company is then your Domain name.

In the past when you have a domain name,then you have to hire programmers to build your website which can be very stressful and expensive.these days all you need is a sitebuilder,most webhost companies do offer  site building tools like wordpress or weebly to build your website with them.popular webhost sites are hostgator,dreamhost,Godaddy,wordpress,siterubix.

but i’ll recommend Siterubix and wordpress. I’m using them and i totally recommend.they are reliable and provide 24/7 access to your website and their servers are fast.if you use a webhost which is slow,visitors will have trouble getting to your site and you might lose traffic.So if you don’t want the above two,make your research very well before choosing.

Meanwhile is suitable for you if you want everything you need to be done for you and won’t be able to add additional plugins.But siterubix is flexible like others you would be able to add as much plugins as you want.

Create your website now with Siterubix or WordPress.

If you have any questions,comment or feedback.Kindly leave it in the box below.


1 thought on “Create a Website”

  1. Shob, your site is wonderful. It was such a pleasure to visit today. I especially like your theme. It is so easy and clean to read. On your free website, like on siterubix, can someone create something like you did? Thank you again for all your information.


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