Stop getting derailed… how to be persistent and achieve any goal



What does it simply take to be able to resist quitting when the going gets hard?  We are all goal setters but how many of us are goal accomplishers. How many of us have simply set out to accomplish our goal and then accomplish it? It takes a whole lot of different mindset from setting a goal to accomplishing it. If you are getting derailed after setting your goal like I used to, then I bet you would want to try this techniques out.

  1. Have a deeper purpose                                                                                                                         To be able to achieve any goal that you set. The first thing you should do to accomplish it is to give yourself a deep reason why you should accomplish it. A reason that is beyond yourself. Most of the time we fail to accomplish our goals because we are doing for just non genuine purposes and because of that we can quit because the die hard mindset is not there  in the first place and it can’t.It’s just human psychology. but if you have deeper sense of purpose like doing it for someone else you really care about like your daughter or doing to for freedom financially or to make the world a better place etc.

2. Have the clear mental picture of the benefits if you accomplish your goals

Having a imagination of benefits that will arise when our goals are accomplished. This will automatically give us the energy to push through most of obstacles that may arise in the process of but not all. Let the thrill of success overcome your fear of failure.

3.Hang on even if you feel like quitting:

This makes all the difference,building the mental toughness. We all have that moment when we feel emotionally all down, tired with no energy at all to continue, at this point the difference is made  some people will still continue dragging themselves through it while others will just say: I just don’t feel like doing this anymore and do what? stop, quit. and that it’s . we might be an inch close to achieving our dreams but because as human our brain is wired to choose the easier option so we just quit. Instead of doing that, when feeling totally down and like can’t move even  a step forward, that’s when we should move or rest a bit and take the move not quitting.

4.Have courage:

Finally.  Build that courage, believe in yourself that you can do it. Know that you will surely do it. People who have courage and believe in themselves are not born with it. They exercise courage by simply putting faith in themselves. Even though they stilll have the doubt, but the faith is there and the doubt is removed once the goal is achieved and they are able to set bigger goals and achieve it. so you can too, start small, stop getting off the rail.

Go for it I can and you can too… We will all get there

Stop procastinating- Get it done now

procastinationMany People including myself and probably you are facing the problem of getting things done at the proper time, completing that your to do list to the very last item. why does this happen all the it because we are all humans? if so  why is it possible for some people to be able to complete theirs?

The things we are able to get done now will determine if our long term task will be able to be completed because the smaller tasks which we are able to complete will add up to accomplish the big goal in mind right?

The problem you and I are facing is nothing other than our mindset. The differences is our mindsets and our mindsets determine what habits we form. So if the habit you have is to postpone the tasks especially the daunting ones. Then we won’t get anywhere and will continue in the vicious cycle of postponing tasks resulting in stagnancy and regrets. while others have taken the  courage to accomplish their tasks feeling happy and accomplished and wanting to achieve more. Then we begin to wonder why is our  own life like that? the better question to ask is why is it not like that? We didn’t complete the task at the right time postponing and compiling the tasks until it becomes almost inaccomplish-able as the fear grow bigger and bigger and our courage grow smaller and smaller. That’s just how the human mind works.

so how do you think you can do things faster and accomplish your goals? You might have been thinking about some tricks… lols… I used to myself. Tricks don’t work for long . only the truth last and I think you know that yourself.

So the truth is” when you find the  need to complete the next task on your to do list. Exactly at that time you are doubting maybe you can do it or not just START. Seriously, just start  I mean begin doing thing you want to do. You see as I have said before the mindset is always the problem and most of the time it is also the solution.  lols. It just requires a little bit of change in thinking patterns. So the thinking pattern to change here is postponing critical daunting task that are Important for our goals to be accomplished  at the very beginning of it. It’s called nip in the bud or catch it young.

so what can you do now?  start the next action on your to do list NOW. I mean now. change your thinking pattern and after doing that let me know how that work for you.

Remember, just the thought of starting can cripple you and make you to procastinate. just start small, you don’t have to be perfect. just start and soon as you continue, your courage to do it increases and you think you are able to do it while fear decreases. You might not believe until you start.

Just start leave this page… go get it done Now.

How To Be Creative On Demand

creativity on spotHave you ever wondered how top Professional bloggers, are able to create quality content that converts each and every time they sit behind their desk to produce content?

Before that I’m sharing a short story of Brian Koppelman the writer of The illusionist an award-winning movie.He wrote this movie at the same time when he has a kid a pregnant wife and a full-time job.  Then how the hell did this.  He said he did this with a friend and he set up a time for writing daily and each and every time he knows he has to write before leaving that tiny room he created in his basement  before going to work,do you have an idea now on how to be creative.

Have you experienced a situation whereby you have to complete something before a deadline or else something bad will happen and if you are asked to complete a project by your  boss before tomorrow or else you get your ass fired?  The next day you completed the task overnight and presented the project to your manager. No questions asked.

There is no way you would even know you are creative if you didn’t force the idea out of your brain in the first place. To be creative with what you are currently doing here is what you should do

Provide a specific start time and stop for action:

Whether it’s a book or song or blog post or any other things that require creativity,set up a specific start and stoppage time for the process regularly. For example if you are writing a novel or movie you can’t depend on the time at which motivation comes to complete your project. Guess what? motivation never comes.  What works is to set up a start and stop time to work on the project even if you are not feeling creative make sure you get the project started and stopped at the time you set for it.  Whaaat!!!?  How do I get the project done within the specified don’t have to wait till the world comes crashing on you before do critical things to barely save yourself.Do it before it comes crashing so you can save in a huge way.Imagine the world is gonna come crashing on you or your life is going to come to an end or  be a mess if you didn’t finish that blog post before 11 p.m.  Would you now let the world crash on you?  I bet you would not.The  Point is not to actually let the world crash on you or other bad things like that but to put your brain in the position it would be not want to be without sense of extreme danger to be able to accomplish critical tasks.  I hope you get It now.

Brian Koppelman set two hours in the morning everyday before he could write the illusionist and ocean thirteen.

the first time you do this you might feel like your brain is swelling inside your skull and you are eating it,  but just do It again and again and the process gets easier.

We have to be continually jumping off cliffs and developing our wings on our way downwards-kurt vonnegut   (New york state author 2001-2003)

   You can’t use up creativity the more you use the more you have-Maya Angelou (Great poet,writer,actress also one of the 30 most powerful women in America).

If you are not feeling creative and you’ve been contemplating on doing your next task that requires creativity,do it now,later never comes.This post you are reading is something that came out after drooling for 5 days on my last post and decided to write.Even If it’s not well written or looks froggy.

A published post is way better than a half-written draft- (Bunyamin-Anonymous)

How to Detect Online Scams

how to detect scan.jpg

Yeah real painful,  I feel like crying.  That hard earned money taken just like that am I a fool?Almost like I was dreaming. lols.I didn’t even know at all that it was a scam because It looked legitimate and helpful.  Sorry about that if you have just been scammed.

OMG! I hate scams and everything that has to do with it.It fehs! arrrhg.I have been scammed both online and in the real world.  Lols, I feel like a schmuck! and I know If you have been scammed too one way or the other you would feel my pain.  I have learned a lot of lessons from the process.which I am going to show  you so you can detect the next scam that comes your way.

First of all,i should tell you this.The reason why we all get scammed is our self greed .yeah greed.because we want to get “huge reward for small actions”I don’t know if you get what I’m we all want to a shortcut process to bigger rewards which logically is not done.  For example we believe there might be some secret way to get the latest      iPhone for $15o or even $300 dollars or for an amount that is far less than the value .  Also like believing there’s some secret to wealth which we haven’t discovered yet and once we do so we’ll be successful without any hassle,like a magic.I should tell you this before moving forward.  The only secret to success is persistence at that which you tend to do.

So  the fundamental way to detect scam is to remove the believe of huge rewards small actions.because that is what most scammers prey on,thereby providing that kind of opportunity where you can win big with small actions.  Believe me, no matter how smart or modernize or legitimate a scam seems to be, It Is always some variety of do small win big situations.

Now That you are done believing on small actions big rewards,I will show you some of the red flags to watch out for.

  • Very short time limit + count down timer: whenever you are involved in a program especially one you just came across which you know nothing about and you are being forced to take action within a very short time or else the page will be taken down and you won’t be able to take that action anymore,that’s  a red flag,just back off,legitimate program wouldn’t work like that,not so fast.At least you would have the opportunity to make some research before doing anything.
  • Fancy show off:This happens frequently online whereby scammers tend to accredit themselves by letting you know how luxurious their lifestyle is by showing you their new mansion on one stupid sh*t island or their latest Ferrari or Rolls Royce which was bought just last week with the profit made from what they are selling to you.Lols,Then you begin to salivate and getting more into the process by actually thinking It’s true… Man,don’t fool yourself.If you see something like this.Do not hesitate.I repeat do…not hesitate,to do what?…to back the fuck out.  Thanks.Let’s move on…

Free service: oh, my favorite It usually comes like this” I have enough money already,I am only doing this because of my dedication to help at 15 people get rich only…blah,blah,blah or  like this ” as you can see,I have enough money already,but I want to help you because today is your lucky day and you are part of the 10 lucky ones that have been chosen…” Lols.  Someone you’ve never even met.  Come to think of it,are people really that nice?I mean have you seen anybody who wants to help others for free and start offering people free service without direct or indirect benefits?lols.  Would you do that?In fact,you should know that free stuffs are usually bad or very low quality. The only good ones are the ones that offer quality services that have positive effects on people’s life and thereby having a gain one way or the other through the process.  That’s the Hard truth man.If you see anyone online telling they are helping you for free and no gain on their own side at all,  there is skeleton in their cupboard.Please and please,you know what to do….RUN.

Suspense:Yeah suspense,really how does it have to do with this?  I’ll show you.  If you happen to somehow get involved in a program that promise to do M,N and O or give it to you for example if you join now,then you joined hoping to have M,N and O instantly after joining.  Then it changes by telling you they will give you but you must have  and J,K and L first  and begins  to explain J,K,L without giving you what you came in for but telling you that you are still going to get that M and N and O for free but you need to have J,K,L which costs just $5.LOls,then you will have V,W,X which costs $10 dollars then another one which costs $25 dollars and the process continues… eventually you won’t be able to get the M,N and O which you came for initially.This is just an illustration,you would have understand if you have come across it before but If you haven’t just have the analogy in mind and when come across it, you will understand what I am saying.

These are just  the basic ways to identify and prevent the next scam attempt at you.If you have any scam experiences,warning,comments or suggestions.Please leave them in the comment box below.

How to Fix Writer’s Block and Write A Truly Great Content

keyboard-909156_1920.jpgHave you ever wondered why it seems so difficult to continue to write that book you have always wanted to write or write that great content on your website? you might think it is hard to write because you haven’t done enough research on your topic and you continue to make more research upon research and get to the point of writing still not able to write. Guess what?  It’s not happening to you only.

The condition you are facing is called writer’s block. A condition that is faced by many great writers but who have only become great after they overcome theirs’.  Now I will show you how you can fix your writers block and churn out great content.

  • Have enough Information:  You can actually get blocked if4 you haven’t made your research before sitting down to write because the information in the first place is not there,But it doesn’t mean also that if you have gathered enough information you can’t have writer’s block as well.  You make sure you’ve gathered enough information about what you wanted to write. I don’t mean you should memorize every bit of what you gathered.what I simply mean is that you should have enough information about it and if you were asked a question or two on the topic you would be able to give satisfactory answer.
  • Use the friend-advice technique: Now that you already have at least some Information about what you wanted to write.  Go to your website dashboard or if you are writing on a piece of paper bring out your and paper and do this:

At the point that you want to start writing,Imagine one of those times whereby you are sitting with your best friend relaxing at some place,maybe your house and he/she asks for an advice or a solution to a pain point problem from you. Assuming the problem is what you have gathered information about. How are your going to answer him/her.

Now start writing…just start simply…write the same way  you would bfriend advicing friende talking to your best friend, you continue writing until you are satisfied with the answer which you gave your best friend,you know talking to your best friend,you would show real sympathy,really want to solve the problem with your advice and make it simple as much as possible so he can quickly grasp it,you wouldn’t want to appear like you are lecturing him/her…

Using this technique will not only help you to overcome your writer’s block but also write out a truly great quality content that converts or book which delivers and also,It is going to help you discover your true voice.

Never lose the focus that you are talking to your best friend so you won’t go off rail.

If you have any comment,Insight,appreciation or suggestion concerning this post,please leave them in the comment box below.Thanks.