Stop getting derailed… how to be persistent and achieve any goal



What does it simply take to be able to resist quitting when the going gets hard?  We are all goal setters but how many of us are goal accomplishers. How many of us have simply set out to accomplish our goal and then accomplish it? It takes a whole lot of different mindset from setting a goal to accomplishing it. If you are getting derailed after setting your goal like I used to, then I bet you would want to try this techniques out.

  1. Have a deeper purpose                                                                                                                         To be able to achieve any goal that you set. The first thing you should do to accomplish it is to give yourself a deep reason why you should accomplish it. A reason that is beyond yourself. Most of the time we fail to accomplish our goals because we are doing for just non genuine purposes and because of that we can quit because the die hard mindset is not there  in the first place and it can’t.It’s just human psychology. but if you have deeper sense of purpose like doing it for someone else you really care about like your daughter or doing to for freedom financially or to make the world a better place etc.

2. Have the clear mental picture of the benefits if you accomplish your goals

Having a imagination of benefits that will arise when our goals are accomplished. This will automatically give us the energy to push through most of obstacles that may arise in the process of but not all. Let the thrill of success overcome your fear of failure.

3.Hang on even if you feel like quitting:

This makes all the difference,building the mental toughness. We all have that moment when we feel emotionally all down, tired with no energy at all to continue, at this point the difference is made  some people will still continue dragging themselves through it while others will just say: I just don’t feel like doing this anymore and do what? stop, quit. and that it’s . we might be an inch close to achieving our dreams but because as human our brain is wired to choose the easier option so we just quit. Instead of doing that, when feeling totally down and like can’t move even  a step forward, that’s when we should move or rest a bit and take the move not quitting.

4.Have courage:

Finally.  Build that courage, believe in yourself that you can do it. Know that you will surely do it. People who have courage and believe in themselves are not born with it. They exercise courage by simply putting faith in themselves. Even though they stilll have the doubt, but the faith is there and the doubt is removed once the goal is achieved and they are able to set bigger goals and achieve it. so you can too, start small, stop getting off the rail.

Go for it I can and you can too… We will all get there

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