Stop procastinating- Get it done now

procastinationMany People including myself and probably you are facing the problem of getting things done at the proper time, completing that your to do list to the very last item. why does this happen all the it because we are all humans? if so  why is it possible for some people to be able to complete theirs?

The things we are able to get done now will determine if our long term task will be able to be completed because the smaller tasks which we are able to complete will add up to accomplish the big goal in mind right?

The problem you and I are facing is nothing other than our mindset. The differences is our mindsets and our mindsets determine what habits we form. So if the habit you have is to postpone the tasks especially the daunting ones. Then we won’t get anywhere and will continue in the vicious cycle of postponing tasks resulting in stagnancy and regrets. while others have taken the  courage to accomplish their tasks feeling happy and accomplished and wanting to achieve more. Then we begin to wonder why is our  own life like that? the better question to ask is why is it not like that? We didn’t complete the task at the right time postponing and compiling the tasks until it becomes almost inaccomplish-able as the fear grow bigger and bigger and our courage grow smaller and smaller. That’s just how the human mind works.

so how do you think you can do things faster and accomplish your goals? You might have been thinking about some tricks… lols… I used to myself. Tricks don’t work for long . only the truth last and I think you know that yourself.

So the truth is” when you find the  need to complete the next task on your to do list. Exactly at that time you are doubting maybe you can do it or not just START. Seriously, just start  I mean begin doing thing you want to do. You see as I have said before the mindset is always the problem and most of the time it is also the solution.  lols. It just requires a little bit of change in thinking patterns. So the thinking pattern to change here is postponing critical daunting task that are Important for our goals to be accomplished  at the very beginning of it. It’s called nip in the bud or catch it young.

so what can you do now?  start the next action on your to do list NOW. I mean now. change your thinking pattern and after doing that let me know how that work for you.

Remember, just the thought of starting can cripple you and make you to procastinate. just start small, you don’t have to be perfect. just start and soon as you continue, your courage to do it increases and you think you are able to do it while fear decreases. You might not believe until you start.

Just start leave this page… go get it done Now.

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