How To Be Creative On Demand

creativity on spotHave you ever wondered how top Professional bloggers, are able to create quality content that converts each and every time they sit behind their desk to produce content?

Before that I’m sharing a short story of Brian Koppelman the writer of The illusionist an award-winning movie.He wrote this movie at the same time when he has a kid a pregnant wife and a full-time job.  Then how the hell did this.  He said he did this with a friend and he set up a time for writing daily and each and every time he knows he has to write before leaving that tiny room he created in his basement  before going to work,do you have an idea now on how to be creative.

Have you experienced a situation whereby you have to complete something before a deadline or else something bad will happen and if you are asked to complete a project by your  boss before tomorrow or else you get your ass fired?  The next day you completed the task overnight and presented the project to your manager. No questions asked.

There is no way you would even know you are creative if you didn’t force the idea out of your brain in the first place. To be creative with what you are currently doing here is what you should do

Provide a specific start time and stop for action:

Whether it’s a book or song or blog post or any other things that require creativity,set up a specific start and stoppage time for the process regularly. For example if you are writing a novel or movie you can’t depend on the time at which motivation comes to complete your project. Guess what? motivation never comes.  What works is to set up a start and stop time to work on the project even if you are not feeling creative make sure you get the project started and stopped at the time you set for it.  Whaaat!!!?  How do I get the project done within the specified don’t have to wait till the world comes crashing on you before do critical things to barely save yourself.Do it before it comes crashing so you can save in a huge way.Imagine the world is gonna come crashing on you or your life is going to come to an end or  be a mess if you didn’t finish that blog post before 11 p.m.  Would you now let the world crash on you?  I bet you would not.The  Point is not to actually let the world crash on you or other bad things like that but to put your brain in the position it would be not want to be without sense of extreme danger to be able to accomplish critical tasks.  I hope you get It now.

Brian Koppelman set two hours in the morning everyday before he could write the illusionist and ocean thirteen.

the first time you do this you might feel like your brain is swelling inside your skull and you are eating it,  but just do It again and again and the process gets easier.

We have to be continually jumping off cliffs and developing our wings on our way downwards-kurt vonnegut   (New york state author 2001-2003)

   You can’t use up creativity the more you use the more you have-Maya Angelou (Great poet,writer,actress also one of the 30 most powerful women in America).

If you are not feeling creative and you’ve been contemplating on doing your next task that requires creativity,do it now,later never comes.This post you are reading is something that came out after drooling for 5 days on my last post and decided to write.Even If it’s not well written or looks froggy.

A published post is way better than a half-written draft- (Bunyamin-Anonymous)

25 thoughts on “How To Be Creative On Demand”

  1. This is an excellent post, I really enjoyed it, and it is something that I will definitely consider as I find myself always getting a post out like 2 days later than I originally anticipated, thanks for the awesome advice. I really enjoy the style you use to write as well, you really cross me as a very happy and cheerful person


  2. Hi Shob, I really enjoyed your post here and your advice is on point, I really should be setting up a schedule where I have personal time to write out content for my site, I always have my posts coming out like two days later then my original plan. I really like your writing style to by the way, you cross me as a very happy and cheerful person! Thanks for the advice and have a great day! 🙂


  3. Hi Buny, what you write is so true. I real commitment is needed to let our creativity flourish! What you can write in one daily session is little. But what you can write in such a daily session in a month’s time is AMAZING. Keep it up.


  4. It’s an interesting idea, however, do you really think the specific hours every day would help? How about the creativity? Personally, I try to write when I feel that I can do it. For some people, mornings aren’t the best time to write. Others could say the same about evenings.


    1. hii rokas
      i understand your point,you see writing whenever you feel you like is when you are comfortable,but for you to be successful in anything you do,you have to continually do the uncomfortable things…Getting out of your comfort zone. I hope you get it.
      Thanks for your comment.


  5. well I actually already do your suggestion when I am writing something. But sometimes I run out of idea and my content becomes short. What do you think should I do when it happens?


    1. hi furkan,
      I do experience running out of idea too,what I do most of the time is go to my source ” what am i writing about”
      and if i see that there’s truly nothing nothing more to write about,then I stop.The secret is to focus on the audience,write what’s best for you if you are the receiver’s end.people work in different ways,for some it takes a long post to get their information across their reader for some a short and meaningful post is enough.
      But I do like the saying that “ less is more…
      I hope that helps.
      Thanks for your comment.


  6. Nice post Buny, Setting a start and stop time to work on a project from early really works in helping to meet deadlines and it helps you not to procrastinate and cause the work load to pile up on you. Thanks man


    1. hii maurice,yes it surely is,It has worked for me,and also a lot great writers.
      There’s no offence in trying it out.
      Experiment with it and see if it works with you.
      Thanks maurice for your comment.


  7. Yes yes yes!!!! I’m so glad I read this article. I’ve been trying my hand at blogging and sometimes I just can’t do it. I need to take time out and think. It’s also hard to set time aside when you’re working full time during the day. I usually spend some time in the evening writing. This doesn’t always prove fruitful though! 🙂 I’ll definitely take that last quote on board: a published article is better than a half-written draft.


  8. “Do it now. Later never comes.” Exactly! l love what you’re sharing here: it’s like building a muscle or a habit – you’ve got put the effort into it to build the creative muscle. It’s what I do and I’m amazed at the amount of creative output I’m able to generate. Thanks for sharing some valuable advice!
    Best wishes,


    1. yeah,Exactly kevin,You’ve got to build the muscle by continuous excercise,Once you slack for a long time,It will be hard to get back on track.
      Thanks kevin
      Best wishes.


  9. Hi there,

    First of all, I couldn’t agree more, setting a start and end date has definitely worked for me in the past. I will however give myself quite a bit of time as I like to ensure quality. Excellent choice of quotations too, they both really struck a note with me.

    Thanks for posting,


    1. Hii Adam,
      I totally get you. To give yourself as much time as possible to ensure quality. but do you remember that perfect comes from imperfection.I use to do like that too but it doesn’t work and I would’t get anything done because I think it’s not perfect lols.
      But if that’s what works for you then why change?


  10. Thank you for the post, very motivating. I will come back to your post when I will be stuck on my writing ,sometimes I loose hope and your post helped me very much.
    Best wished to you!


  11. This is good advice. I have been struggling to get enough words written each day. Making a dedicated time each day sounds like just the way to do it.

    Do you write in the mornings or the evenings? I prefer to write in the evenings, but sometimes I run out of time that way.


    1. Hii Amanda,I do run out of time too when I first got started.what I do is to imagine or foreview time that will be enough at my full working capability and then set the time with you staring at the countdown yourself while working. Use this tool to set time for yourself go to
      Thanks for your comment.


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