How to Detect Online Scams

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Yeah real painful,  I feel like crying.  That hard earned money taken just like that am I a fool?Almost like I was dreaming. lols.I didn’t even know at all that it was a scam because It looked legitimate and helpful.  Sorry about that if you have just been scammed.

OMG! I hate scams and everything that has to do with it.It fehs! arrrhg.I have been scammed both online and in the real world.  Lols, I feel like a schmuck! and I know If you have been scammed too one way or the other you would feel my pain.  I have learned a lot of lessons from the process.which I am going to show  you so you can detect the next scam that comes your way.

First of all,i should tell you this.The reason why we all get scammed is our self greed .yeah greed.because we want to get “huge reward for small actions”I don’t know if you get what I’m we all want to a shortcut process to bigger rewards which logically is not done.  For example we believe there might be some secret way to get the latest      iPhone for $15o or even $300 dollars or for an amount that is far less than the value .  Also like believing there’s some secret to wealth which we haven’t discovered yet and once we do so we’ll be successful without any hassle,like a magic.I should tell you this before moving forward.  The only secret to success is persistence at that which you tend to do.

So  the fundamental way to detect scam is to remove the believe of huge rewards small actions.because that is what most scammers prey on,thereby providing that kind of opportunity where you can win big with small actions.  Believe me, no matter how smart or modernize or legitimate a scam seems to be, It Is always some variety of do small win big situations.

Now That you are done believing on small actions big rewards,I will show you some of the red flags to watch out for.

  • Very short time limit + count down timer: whenever you are involved in a program especially one you just came across which you know nothing about and you are being forced to take action within a very short time or else the page will be taken down and you won’t be able to take that action anymore,that’s  a red flag,just back off,legitimate program wouldn’t work like that,not so fast.At least you would have the opportunity to make some research before doing anything.
  • Fancy show off:This happens frequently online whereby scammers tend to accredit themselves by letting you know how luxurious their lifestyle is by showing you their new mansion on one stupid sh*t island or their latest Ferrari or Rolls Royce which was bought just last week with the profit made from what they are selling to you.Lols,Then you begin to salivate and getting more into the process by actually thinking It’s true… Man,don’t fool yourself.If you see something like this.Do not hesitate.I repeat do…not hesitate,to do what?…to back the fuck out.  Thanks.Let’s move on…

Free service: oh, my favorite It usually comes like this” I have enough money already,I am only doing this because of my dedication to help at 15 people get rich only…blah,blah,blah or  like this ” as you can see,I have enough money already,but I want to help you because today is your lucky day and you are part of the 10 lucky ones that have been chosen…” Lols.  Someone you’ve never even met.  Come to think of it,are people really that nice?I mean have you seen anybody who wants to help others for free and start offering people free service without direct or indirect benefits?lols.  Would you do that?In fact,you should know that free stuffs are usually bad or very low quality. The only good ones are the ones that offer quality services that have positive effects on people’s life and thereby having a gain one way or the other through the process.  That’s the Hard truth man.If you see anyone online telling they are helping you for free and no gain on their own side at all,  there is skeleton in their cupboard.Please and please,you know what to do….RUN.

Suspense:Yeah suspense,really how does it have to do with this?  I’ll show you.  If you happen to somehow get involved in a program that promise to do M,N and O or give it to you for example if you join now,then you joined hoping to have M,N and O instantly after joining.  Then it changes by telling you they will give you but you must have  and J,K and L first  and begins  to explain J,K,L without giving you what you came in for but telling you that you are still going to get that M and N and O for free but you need to have J,K,L which costs just $5.LOls,then you will have V,W,X which costs $10 dollars then another one which costs $25 dollars and the process continues… eventually you won’t be able to get the M,N and O which you came for initially.This is just an illustration,you would have understand if you have come across it before but If you haven’t just have the analogy in mind and when come across it, you will understand what I am saying.

These are just  the basic ways to identify and prevent the next scam attempt at you.If you have any scam experiences,warning,comments or suggestions.Please leave them in the comment box below.

16 thoughts on “How to Detect Online Scams”

  1. Thanks for your post!
    It is really important to help readers to detect scam!
    Your information is very helpful! Especially we should remove the believe of huge rewards small actions!



    1. Thanks for your comment jayden,this is the bases of all scams.You can’t expect to get rewards for something you didn’t do.To get big rewards it has to be big actions physically or mentally.I hope you get me.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I have seen lots of these types of online scams which you talk about and I always see fancy show off as well. I actually want to find particularly related to e-mail marketing and have been searching it for weeks. Which e-mail marketing programs is legit, do you have suggestions?


    1. I am actually going to update on that one,they are called phishing emails.THey look legitimate at times for example the might come with the name PAYPAL and you might think it’s real.Don’t fall for it.If you didn’t expect email from someone and you got one 99% of the time it’s a scam one which was sold to them by a website which you previously signed up for or you have been targeted.


  3. Wow I really didn’t know there was that much ways people could do scams online and it’s funny because after reading your article I remember seeing every types of scams on internet. I really like how direct you are and you are straight to the point. There is no way to make easy money and I myself too almost fell into a scam few weeks ago. Fortunately I backed off before it was too late and I would suggest everyone reading this article do the same. After reading this I will surely have a better understanding of how people do scams online and what type of approach they use. Thanks a lot


  4. I’m lucky that i haven’t been scammed online. And after reading this and making note of your suggestions i’m sure i never will. Although I’ve had some bad patches in the physical world with cowboy businessmen, I now know how to spot them a mile away. The best advice I ever got was: trust your intuition. If it feels too good to be true then it probably is. Great article!


  5. There are a lot of scams out there and I hate to say it but have been sucked in by some. This is a great subject that you speak on I look forward to more of what you find out .
    Thanks and keep up the good work 🙂


  6. Hi Bunny,

    Thanks for this information.

    It’s not only the naive and gullible who fall victim to a scam, all of us may be vulnerable at some time.

    Scams succeed because they look like the real deal and catch you off guard when you’re not expecting it. They also exploit your generosity and good nature and yes, GREED! People need to do their due diligence on any “money making” opportunity and do as much research as possible and READ Reviews like this one!


  7. Thank you for some good reminders. It’s way to many scams out there! And it can be tricky sometimes to find out whats is for real. And especially what is working for me, or you. I usually don’t believe in quick-fix in any part in life, but I believe it usually exist more then one option that is right for different people…..the same for income and wealth.


  8. An excellent article to have on the web. I have been scammed one or twice in my time and I wouldn’t want anyone else to go through what I did. I’m glad there are still honest people like you in the world. Thanks for sharing!


  9. Oh boy, I feel like such a fool! It wasn’t much, but I was scammed out of $1 for the latest iPhone, which I can’t believe I fell for! I have been scammed twice and I tell you, it really feels like you only have yourself to blame for taking it in when you read the warning signs that you have written in your article 🙂
    Thanks for writing this and I will be sure to remember next time!


  10. I like how you tell it, just like it is! By the way, in this post, you used a word that stays in the head, “persistence”. That’s what it’s all about. There are no shortcuts, and if we find one it’s like you say, “red flag”. Everyone has to be careful, too many scammers out there.




  11. Thanks for the info!

    Its so easy to get tricked into scams, especially with so many people looking at making an extra dollar in these tough times.

    Its important to do your research before jumping into anything, and many online offers are questionable at best.

    Thanks again for the insight on what to look for on this subject.



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